I’m a bit of a social media dinosaur, so although I know what TikTok is, I don’t use it myself.

But what I DO know is that it was never intended to give investment advice and it bothers me enormously when these platforms allow financial advice to go out under the guides of ‘social’ media.

It isn’t social to lose your shirt over a tip given on what is basically a dance based platform, particularly if you’re young as these users tend to be.

There’s a reason why financial advice can’t be given without relevant checks and it saddens me enormously that loads of people are going to lose money over the share trading tips that TikTok are putting out. It’s disastrous, dangerous and disgusting.

I’ve no doubt that TikTok is brilliant at what it does – but that doesn’t include financial advice.

That needs to stop before too many people lose money.

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