The small things are crucial to the success of your wealth creation journey. That’s why we often talk about the vital 1% rule and the difference it can make to your circumstances when you start to implement it into your life.

The idea is that every month you set a goal to increase your income by just 1%, whilst simultaneously decreasing your outgoings by the same amount.

How to Increase your Income

There are lots of different ways to increase your income, including taking on an extra shift at work, selling some of your old clothes and belongings, or finding some freelance work online that you can do in the evenings or lunchtimes.

How to Decrease your Expenditure

Take a look at your outgoings and see where you are able to reduce them. Review your food or other utility bills. If you go out for dinner once a week, look online for a voucher or deal. There are many ways you can decrease your expenditure.

The Next Steps

Once you have followed these steps to make 1% more money each month and also spend 1% less, it is important that you keep the difference in a savings account. After a period of time, this pot will build and you can use it to start your journey to wealth creation and use it for an investment into shares, property or business.

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