Gill Fielding

In celebration of International Womens Day2018 we are taking this opportunity to recognise a true female inspiration, our CEO Gill Fielding.

From humble roots in London's East End, Gill discovered and used her own resources to achieve financial freedom for herself and her family. Through her sheer drive and determination, Gill has built up a prestigious career as a qualified Chartered Accountant, as well as running multiple successful businesses, including consulting government on key financial affairs. 

As a self-made millionaire with a no-nonsense, positive approach to finance, Gill is on a personal mission to educate the nation in managing and improving their own financial position. She is best known for her appearance on Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire when she gave away nearly £250,000 to good causes leading her to set up her own charity ‘Money Mum’, with the aim to help families in the UK achieve financial freedom by providing financial education to safeguard their financial future.

In a sector largely dominated by males, we are proud to have such an acclaimed CEO. As we celebrate the success of all women today, we take our hats off to those such as Gill, who have paved the way for more women to achieve financial freedom!

Register for our petition to the government

Please sign up to our CAMPAIGN FOR CASH COMMON SENSE which we will present to the government. We are campaigning that the National Curriculum should include "The Financial Five a Day":

1. How to get, manage and monitor a bank account.

2. How to understand, manage and control credit, debt and borrowings.

3. How to control your money so that it lasts to the next pay day.

4. A sense of the future value of money and how to plan going forward, including saving for the future, so that everybody can have some jam today AND a bit of jam tomorrow

5. A sense of self reliance and responsibility for your own financial future and well being.