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MoneyMum is a financial education charity, which aims to teach people from all backgrounds how to take charge of their finances, in order to achieve financial freedom.

Here at MoneyMum, our main objective is to help improve individual’s understanding of managing their own finances and safeguarding their financial futures through teaching the ‘Financial 5 A Day’. We believe that by providing sound financial advice from a young age can help individuals to understand money better and encourage good habits to take forward into adulthood.


Boosting your Knowledge

We’ve created some great content and free downloads to help you understand and manage your money better

Our Aim

Our aim is to help people throughout the UK achieve financial freedom by teaching them the ‘financial five a day’

Supporting Charities

We work in partnership with other charities throughout the UK to develop their financial education programmes



Debt Inspiration

There’s a fantastic piece on the BBC website today about debt in young people and particularly women, where one in five young women say they are in debt "all of the time" and nearly 40% say they struggle to make their money last until the end of the month, according…

The Vital 1% for your Wealth Creation

The small things are crucial to the success of your wealth creation journey. That’s why we often talk about the vital 1% rule and the difference it can make to your circumstances when you start to implement it into your life. The idea is that every month you set a…
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